Flavours and Formats

Juçara, for itself, is probably the richest food in antioxidants, and also a great source of iron and potassium. When mixed with other fruits, it becomes the ultimate superfood - full of energy, very healthy and nutritious! So we've put together several combinations of flavours, for all tastes.



Obvious and simple combinations are often the best! Known as one of the most complete foods, bananas have a practically endless list of nutrients, such as potassium, with a naturally sweet flavour!

Also available in the zero-added sugar version, for those looking for an incredible flavour, with less than 90kcal in a portion of 200 ml. Available in 200ml and 1L containers.



Fruit native to the Atlantic Forest, as well as our juçara, it is very rich in vitamin C.

Cambuci, today at risk of extinction, is also a powerful source of antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system. Cambric is Atlantic Forest’s little delicious secret! Available in 200ml and 1L containers.


Passion Fruit

Famous for its soothing properties and its peculiar citric flavour, the fruit is a source of vitamin A and C, which helps our system in the absorption of iron. In addition, passion fruit also provides very important antioxidant functions to our body. Available in 200ml and 1L containers.



Rich in stimulants, guaraná boosts our day with extra energy! In addition to delaying the start of muscle fatigue, it acts directly in the central nervous system, reducing drowsiness and improving concentration. Available in 200ml, 2l and 7l containers.


Pure Pulp

Juçara in its purest state! Mixed with whatever you prefer, enjoy Juçaí combined with granola, chia, peanut butter, with your favourite fruits - whatever works for you! Available in 1kg container.

Energy that goes, energy that comes

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